Policy Request Form

If you have been unable to locate the RNN Group policy you require on this site then you can request one by completing the form below. Policies requested will be supplied, where possible, in PDF format via email.

  • (Only complete if a paper copy of the policy is required)

  • The RNN Group endeavours to provide relevant policies in electronic format wherever possible, should you prefer a paper copy to be provided to you, then please complete both Email and Postal Address fields on the form above.

    You can also visit our Freedom of Information (FOI) Act publication scheme, which sets out what information the RNN Group routinely makes available to the public, without a need for making a request. The FOI Disclosure Log that is also published on this site, details previous FOI requests and how the Group has responded to them.

    General enquiries regarding the way we collect, handle and dispose your personal data can be addressed to our Data Protection Officer, simply email dpo@rnngroup.ac.uk with your enquiry. If you wish to raise a complaint about how we have handled your personal data, please email complaints@rnngroup.ac.uk with full details of your issue.