Work Experience

Work experience placements are a short-term commitment between employers and students that see our students complete 315 hours (40 days) of work experience within your business.

Work experience is a fantastic way for your business to:

  • Help nurture and develop talent
  • Increase capacity
  • Bring in extra resource for specific projects
  • Bring in people with imaginative, new ideas and different skills

Your commitment

Each work experience placement is 315 hours (40 days). This can be in one ‘block’ or split over a number of weeks to suit you.

You are not required, or expected, to pay the student during their work experience, although many employers do choose to help with travel costs.

Our commitment

We’re committed to working with local employers to provide opportunities for our students to gain real-world experience and opportunities in their chosen industry. We’ll work with you to identify the right student, from the right full-time course, to undertake work experience with your business.

We’ll ensure that our student knows the levels of professionalism and conduct that is expected of them on their work experience and will be on-hand to offer support and guidance to both employers and students throughout.

A Work Placement Officer will be on hand to develop the student’s employability skills and coordinate their attendance with you.

What will the student do?

Students will be from our Level 2 and 3 courses and will be specifically chosen based on your industry. We are looking for opportunities for them to gain the skills they need to progress their career and successfully enter their chosen industry.

They may support you with:

  • Practical tasks under supervision
  • Shadow and assist skilled staff
  • Support specific projects
  • Help with administration
  • Students can transfer to an apprenticeship at any time

Contact us

Contact our Employer Engagement Team to find out more:

Call 01709 362111 ext 1032