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Welcome to our podcast series where you’ll discover more about what it’s like to study with Rotherham College, our wide range of courses on offer and how studying with us can open a world of opportunities.

Our host Debbie chats with students past and present and hears about their learning experiences as well as a variety of staff with expertise in teaching, student events and social activities, finance, safeguarding and more.

Our Podcast
Our Podcast

Episode 6 The Benefits of Adult Learning

Returning to learning as an adult can expand your horizons, help your employment prospects, boost your wellbeing and give you an enormous sense of pride and purpose.

So how do you go about it and how does the RNN Group smooth your path back into education?  In this episode, Debbie Mac speaks with course leaders, pastoral staff and adult learners to find out.

Our Podcast

Episode 5 Making the switch from school to college

For many students, the switch from school to college is the first major change in their educational environment, and the first step into a more self-determined life.

Debbie chats with college staff and students to explore what to expect from further education and how the transition is smoother than sometimes thought.

Our Podcast

Episode 4 Get Apprenticeship Ready

If you’re not sure a full-time college course is right for you, and you prefer learning on the job, an apprenticeship could be a great alternative. In this episode, Debbie discusses all things apprenticeships.

You’ll hear from current apprentices about their experiences as well as an employer who explains exactly what they’re looking for in a potential apprentice. You’ll also learn how apprenticeships work, including how you’ll learn and be assessed.

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Episode 3 Parent FAQs

Parents have many questions about the benefits of their children studying at college and in this episode, Debbie uncovers answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How do these qualifications measure up? What financial help is available? How do the Colleges safeguard the welfare of students? Specialist tutors at the RNN Group answer these questions and more.

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Episode 2 Getting Ready to Join Us

In this episode, Debbie finds out what life is like at college and what other activities students can get involved in, from the Students’ Union to clubs and societies.

Hear from the tutors and students themselves on how to prepare for college, and what they love about the RNN Group Colleges.

Our Podcast

Episode 1 Your Future

There are around 12,000 students at the RNN Group Colleges on various programmes such as vocational courses and apprenticeships for school leavers and adults, from foundation learning to degrees and other Higher Education and skills courses.

In this episode, Debbie explores how best to weigh up your options.

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