World Skills Centre of Excellence

We are a World Skills Centre of Excellence and we are committed to Mainstreaming excellence. 

This means that we are on a journey of moving from Competence to Excellence. We inspire young people through competition training and innovate in our skills training. 

Our initial aims and ambition are in the following areas:

Culture: To utilise the Centre of Excellence to underpin a culture of high expectations and excellence across the Group, creating a legacy which underpins progression to higher level study / entry to the work place.

Learning design: To shape meaningful and flexible delivery, in collaboration with employers as part of our RNN Academies which meets the future needs of industry

Learners: To raise aspirations through technical frameworks which deepen their understanding and application of industry skills, and as a result, provide increased chances of success in their future endeavours.

Staff: To benefit from structured CPD which will significantly enrich curriculum design and delivery. Staff confidence will be improved through the investment of time to develop their personal and professional expertise, leading to excellent standards of technical learning and skills developed by RNN students.

We have five world skills ambassadors and you can find out more about these members of staff here:

Katie Asgari:

Karen Connole:

Claire Evans:

Martin McCourt:

Joe Wilde:

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