Our School Partners

Aston Academy logo

Aston Academy

Aston Academy welcomes becoming a Flagship School with Rotherham College, North Notts College and Dearne Valley College.

We believe that this status will guarantee more opportunities for more of our students, which is ultimately what the teaching profession is all about: the fact that places and priorities would be made available to students from Aston, through this partnership, would be of utmost importance to us.

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Astrea Academy Dearne logo

Astrea Academy Dearne

Astrea Academy Dearne is excited to be a flagship school and we look forward to working together for the benefit of our students. As a school, we want our students to make well-informed, realistic decisions about their next steps, and strengthening our links with local colleges will allow this.

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Clifton Community School logo

Clifton Community School

We are delighted to be working with the RNN Group.  We are passionate about supporting students to make well informed and confident decisions about their futures. This partnership will serve to ensure that our students know about all the options open to them and give them a real insight into life after Year 11 and beyond.

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De Warenne Academy

Collaborating closely with the RNN Group has been a rewarding experience. They’ve offered invaluable opportunities for our students through engaging taster days and step-up events. These experiences have empowered our students, enabling them to make informed decisions crucial to their future, a priority for our academy. We eagerly anticipate continued collaboration with the RNN Group on this initiative.

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Dinnington School logo

Dinnington High School

At Dinnington High School, we are proud to have been approached by the RNN group to become a flagship school and look forward to continuing developing our collaboration with them. They have provided important information and support for our students to encourage them to have high aspirations and to ensure that they continue to research the best possible routes for them to pursue following their GCSE and also A level studies. It is important for us that our students are fully informed through different events and are prepared for their future endeavours and continue to aspire to be the best version of themselves when entering the world of work.

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Outwood Academy Valley logo

Outwood Academy Valley

Outwood Academy Valley is honoured to be approached by RNN to become a flagship school and build upon the strong links we have with North Notts College. The advice and guidance provided supports our students in making choices and Hanna is an integral part of our community and regularly discusses options and pathways with our students. Supporting students in making informed careers and educational choices is important to us and working with the RNN group allows us to provide aspirational advice and guidance to ensure all students unlock their full potential.

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Retford Oaks Academy logo

Retford Oaks

Retford Oaks are excited to be part of the Schools Partnership Programme with the RNN Group.  It is hugely reassuring to our students that a place will be guaranteed for them within their chosen subject area at our local College, and we look forward to working with RNN Group on this initiative.

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Rawmarsh Community Schools

Rawmarsh Community School

We are proud to have been approached by the RNN Group to become a flagship school and look forward to continuing and developing our collaboration with them. They have provided an invaluable experience for our students to encourage them to have high aspirations and to strive to be the best versions of themselves in preparation for their future in an ever changing world.

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Swinton logo

Swinton Academy

Swinton Academy works very closely with RNN Colleges and has done for a number of years. We enjoy the support they have given us especially supporting our careers events and presenting to our students on a regular basis. In the summer term we also support Rotherham College and Dearne Valley College taster days. We are more than happy to be a flagship school and continue the fabulous work year on year.

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Delta The Laurel logo

The Laurel Academy

We have worked with Dearne Valley College over the past few years, and this has been an amazing experience for all our learners. The college has provided us with bespoke assemblies, workshops and student taster days that have all impacted positively on our Gatsby Benchmarks, student experiences and final Post 16 destinations. The college are always keen to support our students and make sure they have the tools to make informed career choices

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Thrybergh Academy logo

Thrybergh Academy

Working together, we can achieve more than we ever could alone. Our partnership with RNN Group is a shining example of the power of collaboration in education.  We’re proud to become a Flagship Partnership School and further develop our relationship with the RNN Group of colleges, increasing the life chances of our community in an ever changing world.

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Wath Academy logo

Wath Academy

Wath Academy are pleased to work in partnership with RNN Group. We are delighted to have been chosen as a flagship school and look forward to collaborating and strengthening our existing network for the benefit of our school community. We are committed to promoting the full range of opportunities to our students and this relationship will support us in this endeavour.

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Wickersley School Logo

Wickersley School

Wickersley School are delighted to be part of the Schools Partnership Programme with the RNN Group. We know how much of a benefit this will be for all our pupils to have the reassurance of having a place within a subject area they want to pursue.

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Wingfield Academy logo

Wingfield Academy

Wingfield Academy already has strong links with all the local colleges and especially with RNN having recently participated in taster courses across both college sites with all Year 8 students. We regularly take groups of Year 11 students on tours at the college sites and college staff support events in school including parent’s evenings, careers fair, drop-in sessions and PSHE Careers lessons.

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