Mark Ryan

Vice Principal – Curriculum

Mark is the Vice Principal – Curriculum across the Group. Mark has strategic responsibility for all curriculum areas along with day-day oversight of all curriculum and learning within the group, leading to student/customer success. Mark will work with Directors of the group to ensure that the curriculum is high performing and meeting the needs of the students and stakeholders, aligned to the RNN Group.

Mark Joined the RNN Group in June 2023 after spending over 18 years at an outstanding college; starting as a Sports Lecturer, before progressing into educational management and overseeing many areas of curriculum, sub contracts, projects, higher education, apprenticeships and commercial. Mark is extremely passionate about curriculum, transforming lives and collaborating to ensure every student and community is supported.

Mark is Chair of the English College Football Association and within the role is a member of the Association of Colleges Sport Board.  Mark supports the work of the ECFA ensuring strategy is aligned to the Football Assocation and the FE members and stakeholders.

Mark Ryan - Vice Principal - Curriculum