Freedom of Information – Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information Act encourages openness and accountability within the public sector by placing a requirement upon all public authorities to be proactive in making certain information available through a publication scheme. This where the information published by, or intended to be published by, a public authority is described in a single document. The Act provides a definition of what constitutes a public authority and this does include colleges, sixth form colleges and further education colleges.

There are two methods which can be used to access information held by the RNN Group under the provisions of the Act:

  1. The Publication Scheme – It is possible that the information which is required will already be available via the RNN Group website. The Publication Scheme should be seen as a guide as to what types of information the RNN Group either publishes already or intends to publish in the future and that much of the information can already be found on the website.
  2. Freedom of Information Requests – Any request for information can be made either in writing of via email. Once a written request is received, the RNN Group is obligated to confirm to the requester whether the information requested is held and, if it is and subject to any of the exemptions set out by the Act, to supply the requester with the requested information within twenty working days of the request being received.

Freedom of Information requests can be made in writing to:

The Information Governance and Assurance Team
RNN Group
Eastwood Building
Eastwood Lane
S65 1EG

Or via email to: