Director of Apprenticeships Goes ‘Back to the Floor’

Our Director of Apprenticeships Lisa Wilson has returned to industry for National Apprenticeship Week to experience how apprenticeships have adapted to meet both modern employer and learner requirements by going back to the floor.

Lisa visited an administrative apprentice at Irongate Group, a leading provider of business supplies and services in the UK and based in Derby.

Lisa said: “Apprenticeships have changed in a way that the qualification is now more than just working against a checklist; an apprenticeship now offers the opportunity of a more in-depth experience, working with the employer and your tutor to gain specialist skills and improve your knowledge through a hands-on approach.”

For an apprentice to gain the most value out of their apprenticeship, Lisa advises they work closely with both their employer and tutor and take a proactive approach to asking questions.

Lisa added: “I always think that an apprentice should be thinking about what they can get out of their apprenticeship, what they can progress onto and their next steps to achieve their career goals.”

“From the experience I’ve had today, as an apprenticeship provider we need to be getting out there the benefits of an apprenticeship, and what the qualification entails. With this approach, an apprentice will be fully prepared for what is expected of them on a week-by-week basis, as well as be aware of what they can achieve after they’ve completed the qualification.”

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