Future-Proof Your Industry With An Apprentice

For National Apprenticeship Week, we caught up with one of our employers at Apple Tree Day Nursery to find out about their experiences using apprentices within their business. This is what Leanne Storer, Nursery Manager had to say:

“The Early Years sector has long been facing a recruitment crisis, with a chronic shortage of qualified and experienced staff. Apprenticeships massively help tackle this problem by opening up the recruitment process to younger and less experienced people.

Because of the real-time training on the job and the quality learning at college with the RNN Group, we end up with knowledgeable, skilled staff. We are using apprentices to future-proof our industry; usually, this is their first experience in an early-years role.

This way, we can train them in our way of working, without them having picked up any bad habits. Apprentices are the future of the early education sector, which is why we at Apple Tree Day Nursery invest time, effort, and money into training the next generation.

We have apprentices still working with us years after they have qualified; they become valued, capable professional workers who are a credit to the nursery.”

Here at the RNN Group, we believe that an apprenticeship is a fantastic way for you to recruit enthusiastic employees who will become a real asset to your business.

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