Love our Colleges continues…

#LoveOurColleges week continues with a focus on the role colleges play in supporting the national economy and how with greater investment the sector can help boost the country’s flagging productivity levels.

College is an important place to help and support students develop skills for the future. As the RNN Group Schools Team start to visit schools at their careers events and assemblies promoting all that the Group does and the adult teams reach out to members of our local communities, let’s take a look at why a school leaver or an adult learner should opt for College as their next step.

College life is often considered a significant and memorable phase in a person’s life for several reasons. While the experience can vary from person to person and college to college, here are some of the aspects that make college life special and appealing to many:

Education and Learning

College provides an opportunity for in-depth education in a particular field of study. It allows you to pursue your academic interests, gain specialized knowledge, and develop critical thinking skills.


College is often the first time many young adults experience a high level of independence. You have the freedom to make your own decisions, manage your schedule, and in some instances live away from home. This fosters personal growth and responsibility.

Diverse Social Interactions

College campuses are typically diverse and inclusive, providing the opportunity to interact with people from various backgrounds and cultures. This exposure broadens your worldview and helps you build lasting relationships.

Extracurricular Activities

Colleges offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations, allowing you to pursue interests beyond academics and ensure a fantastic student experience outside of the classroom. These activities can help you make friends, learn new ‘power skills’ (many of which employers want to see in their employees), and have fun.

Wellbeing Support and Care

Colleges are genuinely focused on the wellbeing of students. Academic development and work/career success are not the only aspects we want students to thrive at; we want students to be personally happy and content too and students can access lots of help, advice and support during college from support teams.

Personal Growth

College life challenges you in various ways, encouraging personal development and growth. It teaches you to manage time, solve problems, and become more self-reliant, again skills that employers want to see in their workforce.

Networking Opportunities

College can be a great place to establish a network of friends, tutors, and mentors, which can be valuable for your future career.

Career Opportunities

For many, college is a stepping stone to career opportunities. It provides access to work experience, job fairs, and career services that can help you launch or relaunch your professional life.

Research and Innovation

Colleges often engage in cutting-edge research and innovation. Being part of a college community can expose you to ground-breaking ideas and technologies.

Freedom to Explore Interests

College offers a chance to explore different subjects and passions, allowing you to change your course or take diverse courses until you find your true calling whether these be full or part time study options, adult skills courses, commercial training options or community courses.

Cultural and Social Events

College campuses are hubs of cultural, artistic, and social events. These can range from concerts and theatre productions to sports games, lectures, and campus festivals.

Lifelong Memories

The friendships and experiences you create in college can result in some of the most cherished memories of your life. The shared challenges, successes, and fun moments often lead to strong, lifelong bonds.

If you know someone who is considering their next step educationally, whether a school leaver or adult, we have some open events in November at all of our campuses.

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