National Fluid Power Centre (NFPC) Hosts Annual Industry Exhibition Day

The National Fluid Power Centre (NFPC), a subsidiary of RNN Group, has hosted its’ seventh bustling annual Industry Exhibition Day.

Attended by over 400 registered attendees and over 70 of the UK-based top companies involved in Hyrdaulics, Pneumatics, Associated Control, Supporting Products, Engineering, Manufacturing and Food Manufacturing, the Industry Exhibition event was a bustling networking opportunity. The event has grown to become a key annual event for companies in these sectors.

John Savage, NFPC Director, oversaw the organisation of the day and welcomed the large crowd of employers to the event.

John said: “Everybody that comes through this door sees our facilities and how we collaborate with UK industry. They all come together here and have great opportunities for networking, product sales and the launch of new products. There isn’t an exhibition of this kind in the North of England with such a focus on networking dynamics.”

“We have apprentices and people visiting today who are just coming into engineering as a career and making sure that they have the right skills and knowledge. We also have people who are in their 50s and 60s thinking that they need to update their skills to suit the modernising industry sector. We aim to help these people feel at home with a comfortable sense of up-to-date knowledge. We are all about leading by example.”

John added: “A big value here is that companies that attend this event gain leads, follow-ups and find it easier to generate an increased number of sales.”

Several internationally-renowned companies, such as Shell International Petroleum Company Ltd, attended the event. Jon Huggett, Indirect Sales Manager and Local Senior Lubricants Representative for Shell, represented Shell and engaged with a variety of attendees.

Jon said: “I think it’s a great opportunity to help raise awareness about what we do. There’s young people here today asking questions about what we do so it’s a good chance to engage them further and help feed into this curiosity the next generation of engineers may have.”

Technical information lectures were provided throughout the day by key speakers from a variety of different relevant companies. Brandon Coursey, flying in from the USA, represented Sun Hydraulics as one of the key speakers.

Brandon said: “The event is amazing. The centre is top-notch for what they are offer to students and upcoming generations.”

“I’m gaining a lot of experience and exposure here in terms of what these leaders are looking for. I wish I had something closer to Sarasota like this. It’s a great place for people to learn about the cutting edge technology used in Hydraulics.”

NFPC Industry Exhibition 2019

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