Principal’s Blog: Higher Education – What’s it all about?

In 2018, the RNN Group opened Rotherham’s first and only University – University Centre Rotherham (UCR) based on Doncaster Gate in the heart of Rotherham Town Centre. This week sees the start of students starting courses and returning to continue courses as followed by freshers week of 19th September.

Principal's blog Higher Education

This purpose built facility for students and adult learners provides access to degrees and higher-level qualifications, accredited by Hull University and Sheffield Hallam University. Degrees are much more accessible for people in the town and the locality with tuition fees much less than the usual amount Charged by many universities and as a small university it provides a bespoke and small community feel in one location that suits many learners looking for a more familiar and individual feel.
Courses cover digital, creative, health, technical construction, engineering, and leadership and management, to meet the needs of the local economy.

Other courses include business enterprise, graphic design, performance, education, computing, media and photography. The campus houses a range of dedicated facilities including seminar and lecture rooms, independent group study spaces, a fully-equipped library, outdoor theatre, café and exhibition spaces.

Studying at UCR means students can achieve their career aspirations without the need to live away from home or travel long distances and offers opportunities for those already in employment who want to study a degree or higher-level qualification around their work and family commitments.

UCAS states that going to university is a great way to expand your knowledge, meet new people, and enjoy new experiences. It increases knowledge, gives younger learners the first true taste of independence and freedom building self-confidence; learners can gain a qualification that’s internationally recognised as well as develop the essential skills needed in their career and working life such as communication, organisation, time management, team work, leadership, problem-solving. Not only this, Higher Education increases your earning potential as having a degree makes you more attractive to employers considering you’ll have a greater choice of jobs where you’ll earn more. Did you know that the average salary for graduates is 30% higher than for non-graduates aged 25-30?

Our UCR aims to develop both education and business for future generations in Rotherham. It plays a pivotal role in closing the skills gap in the town and supports the local economy by increasing access to higher-level skills, inspiring students to become the business leaders and entrepreneurs of the future.

So if you are considering Higher Education but were undecided what to do next, it’s not too late to apply for a place at our UCR. Visit for more information.

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