Principal’s Blog: New Employer Academies Launching at the RNN Group

New Employer Academies Launching at the RNN Group 

New Employer Academies Launching at the RNN Group

In September, the RNN Group is launching some new Employer Academies. So, what are they all about? Our Employer Academies bring together learners, educators and employers to establish long term partnerships that will inspire the next generation into providing them with the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours.

As part of this dedicated approach, Employer Academies are the result of our investment toward consistently improving skills and job opportunities for learners and employers. By involving employers in the design and delivery of our curriculums, we are further aligning our strategy with employer needs by ensuring our learners develop modern and sector specific skills for success.

A central feature of our sector specific academies is the opportunity for employers to become an active member of our new initiative. We aim to have an academy for each of our subject areas where employers can become an integral part of our comprehensive and collaborative approach to academic and hands-on learning and progression onto securing employment.

Employer Academies enable learners, educators and employers to identify collectively the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours which are essential for economic success which for the RNN Group is specifically throughout South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire.

This collaboration will influence our curriculum to develop practical skills and experience that employers want, and need, from employees.

When any employer sponsors an Employer Academy, they can lead a number of activities for our learners including masterclasses, workshops, site visits, volunteering opportunities and industry placements; alternatively, employers can run projects and competitions that our learners can take part in, testing their knowledge and skills in a real business context.

The Employer Academies also offer employers the opportunity to recruit from our pool of talented and ambitious learners, giving them the chance to choose their future workforce from the local area.

When an employer registers as a sponsor of an Academy they will pledge their support based on the capacity and commitment that suits their organisation.

Employers and their organisations will benefit in many ways from being involved including accessing a range of online staff training packages, webinars supporting the student experience, promotion of your organisation and all of the benefits included above.

So do keep an eye on our Group website from 5th September to find out more.

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