RNN Group Welcomes Local Stakeholders

Based at our new 7 Enterprise Way offices at Dearne Valley College, the RNN Group hosted a stakeholder event. Businesses from around the local area were invited to visit and provide feedback on how we could improve the education and training programmes we offer.

We had a variety of companies attend the morning, we had representatives from Rotherham Council, Department of Work and Pensions, Reed in Partnership, Multiply, Rotherham Libraries, RIDO and South Yorkshire Housing.

The day was planned to meet and have an open discussion with the RNN Group and partner organisations in order to get feedback and network between companies.

RNN Group welcomes local stakeholders

The morning started with an introduction and overview of the RNN Group to our guests. Daniel Stanbra, Director of Adult Education and Contacts, followed with a presentation on our current adult community learning offer and what we have available in terms of skills and training support. Following this, the groups were able to discuss a range of topics regarding skills needs and the future of this.

Daniel Stanbra said;

‘RNN aims to provide opportunities for adults to improve their lives and gain skills that enable them to make progress into work, a better job or further learning as well as building stronger communities; improving health and well-being and encouraging a more tolerant society and supporting active citizenship.

RNN Group Stakeholder Events represent a key opportunity for RNN to listen to stakeholders working in and around the Rotherham region and understand both how we are meeting current needs and how we need to continue to evolve to meet future anticipated needs.

We are very pleased with the positive feedback from attending stakeholders and in response to demand will be looking to implement ongoing meetings to review the progress we have made in responding to stakeholder demand and ensuring that our Diverse Community Offer continues to respond to meet local needs in the 70+ community venues that we deliver within.’

This was a very successful event to further our offer and network with our local business colleagues. Thankyou to everyone who attended.

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