Rotherham College Launches Aviation Operations BTEC for September 2023

Rotherham College – part of the RNN Group – is delighted to announce that in partnership with Quiet Tiger Aviation it will launch a BTEC Diploma Level 3 in Aviation Operations from September 2023 for which interested applicants can apply to now.

Thirty-two places will be available for students to take part in this two-year BTEC Aviation Operations course which includes real-world air experience flying at local aerodromes as part of the course.

This programme focuses on three pathways: the flight elements of aviation, operations and security within the aviation industry and engineering maintenance. Students will develop a broad knowledge of the aviation industry and develop the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to make progress towards working within a variety of careers. Students will develop leadership skills, operational skills and an understanding of aviation terminology. Students will have access to working airfields, learn from industry-specialist staff and have the opportunity to fly during our air experience flying sessions supporting them all with some of the tools to progress into an exciting aviation career.

This new course and pathways will support students to gain the essential skills, knowledge and confidence to progress onto higher education or towards employment in a variety of careers including airport security staff, Police Service, Army, RAF, cabin crew, aviation operations, Customs and Excise, prison service routes, operations ground staff, airport and / or airline management, as well as commercial, private and military pilot pathways. Not only that learners could access apprenticeships within Aviation and Travel.

Tracey Mace-Akroyd, Deputy CEO & Principal of the RNN Group, says, “This is an exciting and innovative new programme with three pathways for Rotherham College and we are delighted to be partnering with Quiet Tiger Aviation.”

“The aviation sector plays a key role in the UK economy and following Brexit and the pandemic has seen huge upturn in travel, airport tourism and hospitality and therefore there is a requirement to increase the workforce which we are responding to.”

“Here at the RNN Group, we work to lead on innovation and skills in our communities ensuring that our future workforce has the skills needed to support the local and regional economy and therefore this is just another way we can support another growing industry.”

The aviation sector employs around 200,000 people and offers career openings in a range of areas, including aircraft handling, aircraft movement, flight operations and passenger services. The aviation sector is key to creating and supporting global connectivity for people, goods and services in all sectors, it is particularly significant in creating the infrastructure for inward and outward tourism, which is £34 billion.

We anticipate receiving a lot of interest in this course and many more applicants to places.

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