T Levels: What do our Students Think?

So, you’ve heard lots about T Levels from the government, RNN Group itself and from employers, but we know that the most important thing is… what our students think.

So we went to visit the Rotherham College Education and Childcare T Level learners to ask them what they thought about T Level learning and so much more.

Here’s what our students say about T Levels

Eleanor started by saying that,

“They are more interactive and more fun and engaging, making it easier to learn.”

Kelsie added,

“I feel that they turn skills into actual careers.”

Brooke then said,

“We learn through practical experience rather than just classroom based learning and stuff from books.”

Kelsie jumped right back in and said,

“You really get the chance to take ownership of your learning. It’s not just the tutor telling us what to do; we can add value and explore subjects and areas within the learning outcomes that we are really interested in which makes learning so easy.”

“Its such inclusive learning as we can all learn in our different styles including group work, discussions, presenting and feeding back to each other all the time; helping each other. It’s real teamwork and it means that our learning is delivered in such an engaging and fun way.”

Gaynor, the T Level tutor added at this point,

“It’s great for me too, as I learn so much from them as I am constantly being challenged with such great and in-depth discussions. All these skills are so important to learn before moving into a career and why the T Level brings such a depth and integrity to learning; it provides a full learning experience, and skills that we know employers want.”

Zaynab, another student, then added,

“Peer feedback is so critical for us all and we all suggest one positive aspect to each other’s work as well as one area we can develop as well. I love the group activities.”

“Communication is key,” Eleanor said, summing T Levels and the learning style perfectly.

The students were then asked if the T Level measured up to what they were expecting before they started, and they all said yes and that in fact it delivered even more than what they expected.

But don’t just read this article, click to watch the videos below to hear from Eleanor and Kelsie themselves, and why they think T Levels are the best.

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