Adult Learning at the RNN Group – hear from a Current Learner!

This week, we pose a few questions to Mrs Juwairiyyah Nisar, who is an adult learner with the RNN Group and works at the Group too. We thought we would let someone else shine a light on the amazing opportunities for adult learners at the Group.

What are you currently studying or just finished studying with RNN group and at which campus?

I have recently completed Level 2 Business Improvement Techniques and my First Aid at Work qualifications with RNN Group at the North Notts Campus and Dearne Valley Campus.

In addition to these courses I have completed Information, Advice and Guidance, Principles in Customer Service and Principles in Business Administration at Dearne Valley Campus as a distance learning student.

How many courses have you completed with the RNN Group and what has been the best to date and why?

I have completed 5 courses with the RNN Group and I am enrolled on to my 6th course for January 2024. The best course I have completed so far is my First Aid at Work qualification which I am very proud of and I have used my First Aid skills whilst working as a Learner Recruitment and Reception Officer at University Centre Rotherham, being First Aid qualified allows me to help others and give them the help they require in an emergency situation and also allows me to make fast decisions to help others.

Do you have any plans for more courses?

Yes, I do have plans to study courses in the future, in fact I have enrolled onto the next course that I would like to complete which is Mental Health First Aid at Work. I would also like to study courses relating to nutrition and autism which are subjects that interest me, I believe these courses will allow me to expand my knowledge and become a better mum to my two boys and also be an advanced Learner Recruitment and Reception Officer at University Centre Rotherham.

Juwairiyyah Nisar

As an adult learner, how did you first feel when you returned to a learning environment?

As a busy mum of two sons and working part time, returning to a learning environmental has made me realise that if you put your mind to something and just focus, you can reach for the stars and achieve outstanding results.

It is never too late to return to education, the studying options are extremely flexible and I chose to be a distance learning student which fits in really well with a busy lifestyle and I received phenomenal feedback from my tutors and sufficient help that I needed.

What would you say to other adult learners considering a course at their local college?

I would highly encourage other adult learners to consider a course at their local college and to not be afraid of being in a learning environment. I would advise adult learners to be confident and attend an open event to go and ask any questions they may have and make the first step in order to achieve a qualification which will help them progress in life.

South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority

I would say believe in yourself and make a positive move by applying for a course that interests you! Always dream big, and don’t let anyone limit your dreams because the possibilities are endless and there are no limits to what you can achieve in education!

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