Engineering Employer Forum Supports Employer Engagement and Apprenticeship Delivery

In a show of joint commitment to maximise our apprenticeship delivery, Rotherham College and North Notts College have together hosted an engineering apprenticeships employer meeting.

With nationwide changes to apprenticeship delivery on the horizon, we are making strides toward continuing to further transforming our offer. Several employers, including AESSEAL, Swanair and Europa were present to discuss what skills and behaviours they would like to see apprentices learning.

Discussion points included the current apprenticeship framework, how this is changing and how important employer contribution can be in shaping our offering to always better fit employer needs. Further points talked about were shaping learner behaviour and attendance in the workplace, agreeing what ‘off-the-job’ learning would look like in a workplace setting and practical ways to practice the tailored End-Point-Assessment used for apprentices.

Employers present requested help in better understanding their role as mentors for their respective apprentices; something we are pleased to share new material is being produced on. The present employers were happy to mention that communication between us and them continues to improve.

Director of Business Development James Godsell discussed how our offering is continually being improved.

Relating the meeting to our vision for local communities and the local economy, James said: “It’s been fantastic to see so many of our employers engage with the initiative; their valuable support will ensure the training we give our future apprentices is fit for industry and help develop the skills employers really need.

“We know in the Sheffield city region engineering skills have evolved and thanks to the support from our employers we are well placed to tailor our training to meet these requirements.”

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