CETOP FPE1 Qualification Launches at the National Fluid Power Centre

The National Fluid Power Centre (NFPC) becomes the first provider across the UK and Europe to offer a CETOP FPE1 certificate in Fluid Power Applied Electronics.

Developed by the European Fluid Power Association (CETOP), this qualification validates the skills and knowledge of individuals working with fluid power-applied electronics. These systems combine hydraulic and electronic components, making them essential to many industries such as manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and many more.  

CETOP FPE1 is a two-day follow-on programme from the NFPC Stage 1 Hydraulics and Stage 1 Applied Electronics. Candidates will have to successfully complete both written and practical task assessments aligned to the agreed performance criteria laid down within the CETOP Recommendations.

Earlier this year, the NFPC received approval from the British Fluid Power Association (BFPA) to implement the standard. The BFPA is the only trade association in the UK representing companies involved in or connected to the fluid power sector. It has approximately 250 members, including manufacturers, distributors, affiliates, institutions of higher learning, and consultants.

Nik Watson, Vice President for Education at CETOP, and Chris Butcher, Managing Director for the BFPA presented the FPE1 Certificate on 10 May 2023. They congratulated the NFPC as the most active Centre within Europe relating to the provision of CETOP competency-based qualifications.

As the UK’s leading provider of integrated systems engineering, the NFPC provides services to over 300 major companies both across the UK and internationally. These programmes range from a basic awareness level in hydraulics, pneumatics, or electronics right through to more advanced control.

John Savage, Director of the NFPC, praised the NFPC, stating: “The BFPA is the only UK trade association for all companies involved in or associated with the fluid power industry. They provide an extensive range of services to its members relating to Technical Standards, Education and Training, Marketing and many more”

To find out more about the courses we offer at the NFPC, please visit: https://www.nfpc.co.uk/

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