It’s not too late to apply to the RNN Group!

The academic year has started, but that does not mean learners (whether school leavers or adults) are too late to apply for courses. All our colleges are receiving applications to start courses immediately across all of our programmes.

Whether you are reading this blog as a school leaver or as a parent of a school leaver and you and they are thinking, ‘I am just not happy with my current choice(s)’ there is still time to apply. Or you may have realised that you or your young learner is wanting to return to re-do or continue with a programme or subject after moving on, then it is not too late to change your mind and apply for a course or return to continue your studies.

Our Colleges offer a range of courses to suit all passions and directions in life whether you are creative and want an arts- (fashion, graphics, media and photography, hospitality, hair and beauty) based course at Rotherham College (or our newest course – BTEC Aviation), or enjoy the outdoors and want to explore an animal or land based courses at Dearne Valley College (or the indoors with esports) or enjoy sport and looking after others with a public services, health and social care or education and childcare services courses at North Notts College. Not only that we offer construction (joinery, plumbing, carpentry, bricklaying and electrical installation) and engineering in a variety of programmes across our Colleges, motor vehicle courses, computing and digital and games animation and as well as English and Maths support.

Our courses start with support for Learners with Special Education Needs and move from Level 1 to Level 3 including Access to HE courses which are followed by Higher Education offering (Level 4-6) both in Rotherham with our purpose build University Centre Rotherham and the Bridge Skills Hub at Worksop.

We offer T Levels too in Construction, Digital, Health and Education at Rotherham College and North Notts College with more T Levels being introduced across these colleges and Dearne Valley College too next year in September 2024!

Adults can also apply for full time or part times courses across our campuses and we also offer distance learning opportunities too. We have community courses available to both to develop confidence and skill building which can support with a next step to a part time or skills based course.

We offer supportive inductions to learners applying and starting throughout September and October so you don’t feel daunted by starting later on in the term as well as getting to grips with a new course!

To apply now, visit our webpages with courses listed below:

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