Long Service Award: John Savage Celebrates 50 Years

Today, John Savage, Managing Director of the National Fluid Power Centre (NFPC) celebrates 50 years’ dedicated service. Friends and colleagues from across RNN Group gathered for a surprise Long Service Award ceremony, where a special plaque was installed in his honour.

Over the decades, John has left a permanent mark on the National Fluid Power industry not only in the UK but across the globe. As John celebrates this momentous occasion, we take a look back at his remarkable career and the milestones he has achieved.

From humble beginnings as an apprentice fitter for the National Coal Board (NCB), John’s passion for fluid power led him to the NFPC. Initially tasked with teaching thermodynamics, he saw an opportunity to establish formal, bespoke training in fluid power. This marked the start of a transformative journey.

John’s leadership propelled the NFPC from a small infant school to a thriving training centre, which opened in 2000. He fostered strong connections with industry giants, securing vital funding and establishing a vibrant advisory board. Today, the NFPC operates in 27 sectors and boasts over 2,000 annual trainees, generating over £1 million in revenue.

John’s influence extends far beyond the NFPC. He has been instrumental in shaping national training structures, advising top-level officials, and receiving prestigious awards like the Brahma Medal from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. His name is etched in stone at their London headquarters, serving as a testament to his lasting impact.

Looking ahead, the NFPC continues to evolve under John’s guidance. They are at the forefront of training for cutting-edge technologies like wind turbine maintenance and robotics. With John’s vision and expertise, the future is bright.

Adrian Hudson, Deputy Director and Control Systems Manager, said: “John’s legacy is not just about achievements but about inspiration. His drive, organisational skills, and enthusiasm have motivated countless colleagues and students. He is a man of action, never shying away from a challenge, even if it means burning the midnight oil. He is a true pioneer, a legend in the fluid power industry, and an inspiration to us all. We can all say with certainty that the world of fluid power is a better place because of him.”

Jason Austin, CEO and Principal, RNN Group, said: “Through the NFPC, John has always set a shining example of how to build strong links with employers and create exceptional partnerships in order to deliver training that supports the hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronics industries.

“We are very proud to be celebrating John’s 50 years’ service within the group. This is an incredible milestone for an inspirational leader in the arena of competency training in the fluid power environment.”

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