New Course Guides Launched This Week

Our new College and University Guides launched this week and we have decided to make a few changes to them this year following feedback we have received from schools, parents and students themselves!

Did you know that 75% of 16 year olds don’t know what they want to do with the rest of their life? What we do know is that these same students can tell you what subjects they like at school and what they don’t like. So, this year’s guides have a focus on the subject over courses, because if you are not sure about the rest of your life, then trying to decide on a course is not going to be easy either.

We want to inspire students with the subjects that we offer and then advise them on the course that is right for them. This is why our course guides now focus on subjects with inspiring narrative written by curriculum staff who are passionate about their subject area, as well as a list of courses that we offer, alongside suggested career pathways available (including what the earning potential of these careers could offer).

For those students who do not know what course is right for them, they can apply for the subject of their choice on our websites – the first time we have done this. We do still have a list of our courses available with detailed information on each if a student does know the path they wish to take.

This year also, there is more of a focus on a whole approach to college life with emphasis on learner experience, sustainability, personal development, student support, wellbeing and trips and activities. All of these out of classroom activities support the development of ‘power skills’, formerly soft skills, that employers are wanting to see in their workforce. We want to ensure we develop these in our students so they leave us ready for the world of work with employers knowing that they are going to have new recruits with the right skills and attitudes. 

As well as a focus on subjects and the student experience, we have dedicated a section on skills programmes with information on T levels, Apprenticeships and Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs). Skills are key to the development of the local economy and form part of what the region is focusing on through the Local Skills Improvement Plan in South Yorkshire which works to develop the skills needs in the region though five themes as well as in Nottinghamshire.

Our new guides will be distributed over the next week to our schools partners as well as through the many events we are doing over the next few weeks in the lead up to December.

You can also book onto one of our open events to find out more and get a copy of a guide, pop into one of the College receptions to pick one up or just make use of the online guides on our websites.

Rotherham College Course Guide 2024/25 Cover
NNC Prospectus 2024-25 Cover
DVC Prospectus 2024-25 Cover

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