Plumbing students visit UCR on site tour to learn from local employer

Plumbing students and apprentices from Rotherham College and North Notts College were invited to the UCR site by Willmott Dixon for a site tour to showcase the latest developments of the build, but also for a demonstration of the draining, temperature and water systems for a large project.

The aim of the visit was not only to show students what a typical day looks like on a building site, but also to offer students the opportunity to learn more on health and safety, as well as the software used for maintaining temperature and clean water efficiency.

Alan Neal, Construction Manager explained, “First and foremost, health and safety is paramount on all projects, whether domestic or commercial. At Willmott Dixon we’re all about looking after both ourselves and others on-site, making sure everyone is safe on a typical working day.”

The tour included a visit to the building’s plant room with Ian Stoddart, Project Manager at HE Barnes, who are experts in mechanical and electrical solutions. This was to see an example of the pipework and boiler equipment, as well as a talk on the BMS panel used; a system that will not only maintain the building temperature and fresh water being circulated around the building, but will also monitor and detect any issues with the boiler software.

James Marshall, Plumbing Tutor from North Notts College said, “The apprentices are currently focusing on domestic plumbing at the moment, but site visits like these are extremely valuable for those that are wanting to branch out more to the commercial side of plumbing, as well as the opportunity to see the type of systems they would be working with on a much bigger scale.”

Plumbing students and apprentices from Rotherham College and North Notts College onsite at UCR

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