Principal’s Blog: Learner Activities at the RNN Group

At the RNN Group, we believe that what happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens inside the classroom. We work collaboratively and in partnership with many employers and we know that they are looking for specific skills in their workforce alongside qualifications.

Learner Activities at the RNN GroupEmployers are looking for essential skills such as communication, organisation, time management, team work, leadership, creativity, problem-solving and self-management. A survey by the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) found that over half of employers were unhappy with school leavers’ self-management skills. Self-management is a person’s ability to regulate behaviours, thoughts, and emotions in a way that better serves both the employee and the business.

The RNN Group ensures that learners have access to additional activities to learn some of the key skills:

  • Sporting clubs and activities promote teamwork, communication and leadership;
  • Subject focused clubs and activities such as gaming, nail and beauty, book club and dungeons and dragons promote problem solving, creativity and self-management;
  • Project focused clubs such as community services promote organisation, team work and problem solving
  • Guest speakers (as with classes) focus students to look at their time management and behaviours such as being on time, engaging, listening and responding appropriately.

By being involved in these learners not only enhance their skills ready for the world of work, but meet new people and learn new skills and capabilities. Additionally, joining in with clubs and activities will support with making friends and developing social skills that employers are also looking for such as emotional intelligence and empathy skills.

Qualifications are important and here at the RNN Group we are always looking to develop our learners and support them as they progress through the various levels to get to where they need to be to be both personally and professionally successful. But without various ‘soft skills’ as they are termed, how do you put your learning into practise?

So, my advice to all our new and returning learners: get involved in the many activities and clubs on offer. It will benefit you in so many ways.

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