Revolutionising Careers Education: RNN Group Joins New Regional Careers Hub

Demonstrating continued investment in transforming careers education for young people in South Yorkshire, RNN Group has joined the upcoming Sheffield City Region Careers Hub.

The Careers Hub, to be launched in Sheffield, allows up to 55 local secondary schools and colleges to work together with business partners, the public, universities, training providers, education, voluntary sectors, employers and careers professionals to develop careers education. The collaborative approach will also act as a supportive framework for delivering the Gatsby Benchmarks such as linking curriculum learning to careers and providing students encounters with employers, employees and workplaces.

Members of the proactive hub will define a shared vision for their collective efforts in improving careers outcomes for young people in their areas.

Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis said: “The region’s new Careers Hub is crucial in helping to prepare and inspire young people for the fast-changing world of work. I’m determined that we support our young people and businesses through this incredibly challenging time, and the Careers Hub can give both the skills they need to thrive.”

Data has shown that participating schools and colleges in recently established Careers Hubs are already outperforming the national average across a variety of careers education aspects.

James Muir, Local Enterprise Partnership Chair, said: “The members of our Careers Hub will have a shared vision of how to work together to improve outcomes for the young people in their area. This is essential as we strive to drive economic growth, create new jobs and attract new investment from companies across the world. This work will secure our pipeline of local talent ready to take on the work demands of the future.”

As part of the forward-thinking Hub, RNN Group will receive £1,000 in funding to support its careers programme through networking and bursaries for training Careers Leaders. To complement its Hub membership efforts, RNN Group Careers Leader Lyndsey Ascough has been building a careers-focussed google site, designed to provide students with resources and knowledge surrounding available career pathways.

Lyndsey said: “The Sheffield City Region Careers Hub is a brilliant new initiative, and we’re proud to find every opportunity to fast forward our students to their deserved fantastic futures.

“We plan on using this as a driving force to collaborate with local bodies and people just as passionate and knowledgeable as we are for providing our students every chance at fulfilling their career ambitions.”

RNN Group is also utilising a careers app developed by Careers England in partnership with careers education experts. The user-friendly app, called Qdos, is a one-stop resource for careers information, university entry (UCAS) preparation and job market navigation and volunteering opportunities.

Find out more about Careers Hubs here.

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