Skills for Life, for Everyone

Earlier this month, the Department for Education launched its Skills for Life Campaign, which integrates well with RNN’s campaign, Skills for Everyone.

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But what is Skills for Life?

The campaign aims to encourage and motivate young people, adults and businesses to find out more about government skills and technical education offers with the aim of inspiring individuals and businesses to make the most of their potential. So, what’s on offer?


Apprenticeships are real jobs that allow you to earn a wage while you learn with 80% of time in the workplace and 20% in the classroom. You’ll work alongside experienced staff to learn on the job. There are over 600 types of apprenticeships in different areas of work. Apprenticeship qualifications range from Level 2 to degree level apprenticeships at level 6 or 7.

Businesses can benefit as it introduce fresh talent and ideas to your business by recruiting new staff and upskilling current staff, align training to your business needs and it boosts staff loyalty and motivation. The cost to business is a minimum wage payment for the apprentice.

T Levels

A T Level gives you a mix of learning in the classroom and on the job with 80% of time in the classroom and 20% in the workplace. You need to be between 16-19 to start a T Level and you gain three qualifications from your T Level supporting moving students on to a degree, career or degree apprenticeship. Businesses and employers helped design T Levels to teach you the skills you’ll need.

Businesses can benefit as it builds a talent pipeline for junior positions, apprenticeships and internships, gives your existing staff the opportunity to gain management and mentoring skills and trains a young person with the skills your business needs. The costs are negligible as this is a free government scheme.

Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQ’s)

HTQs are technical qualifications that employers have helped develop so you can get the right training and skills you need to succeed at work.

Businesses can benefit from offering HTQs to your existing employees to support your employees to upskill, retrain and improve their skills, create an environment that promotes learning and development and makes your business more competitive.

You can also recruit specialist and skilled individuals that already have HTQs.

HTQs are eligible for the same student finance offer as a degree, but you can choose to pay for HTQs for your current employees.

For more information on Apprenticeships, T Levels and HTQs, sign up to our free lunchtime webinars here or click the links on each header.

Multiply – Free Maths Support for You or Your Employees with Multiply

Did you know that around 17 million adults in England – half of the working-age population – have the numeracy skills of primary school children according to a recent report?

If you or your employees are looking to improve their numeracy skills, you and they can benefit from a £270 million investment in new maths and numeracy courses, helping to level up opportunities for your employees to progress and add value to your company.

Businesses that develop their employees’ numeracy skills boost productivity, increase profits and improve employee retention. Research shows that sectors with a high proportion of workers with basic or advanced numeracy skills have experienced the most rapid growth in employment over the last decade.

Take a look at our flyer: Free maths support for your employees with multiply

You can also listen to our recent webinar on Multiply here.  

Skills Bootcamps

Skills Bootcamps teach you skills for specific careers and sectors with a guaranteed job interview at the end. RNN Group, together with Rotherham College is offering free digital training to all working employees in Rotherham.

Businesses can benefit as Skills Bootcamps can help to quickly recruit and upskill staff with the right training and skills, reduce costs associated with traditional recruitment processes and boost productivity with motivated learners who can bring in fresh ideas and perspectives.

The cost is negligible as you can recruit Skills Bootcamps graduates at no cost to your business. If you are training your current employees, you will need to make a training cost contribution of 10% or 30%, depending on your business size.

There are additional courses such as adults skills courses, and distance learning programmes too, all of which the RNN Group offer.

So now is the time for Everyone to get Skills for Life!

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