Sustainability for 2024

Last year, RNN Group launched a new logo for its sustainability work which was designed by one of its students Gracie Firth.

Gracie chose a ‘leaf’ logo because she recognised the connotations that leaves have with nature and the environment.

“Leaves play an important role in the earth’s biosphere and they work together to support life in nature and keep plants alive with my logo representing how humans need to work together to make changes and keep the environment and natural habitats alive.”

RNN Group works hard across its many campuses to be more sustainable and here are some examples of what the Group has achieved and what it is working towards:

Energy and utilities

The Group has a number of solar panels / solar heaters and wind turbines as well as a ground source heat pump at Dearne Valley College to produce clean energy, as well as capturing rainwater for use.

Travel and travel reduction

We operate a number of electric charging points and have a salary sacrifice scheme for bike users, bike boxes for secure cycle storage and shower facilities for bike users too. Not only that, more meetings are conducted digitally to remove travelling between sites and there are hybrid working opportunities for most staff.

Our Transport provider Zeelo – the first global bus platform to offer 100% carbon neutral services – is committed to all-electric vehicles by 2030.

Since September 2022 Zeelo have:

  • Saved 10.01 tonnes of CO2 (3.2Kg per rider) on RNN Group bus routes
  • Taken 2,853 car journeys off the road on RNN Group bus routes

Recycling and upcycling

Our students run clothing rails across the Group for pre-loved clothing to be picked up by another learner and we use recycled wood, metal and plaster across our construction departments as well as recycling cardboard and paper.

Environment and sustainability committee

Our learners regularly talk about ways we can make things better and then act on these.

Google Reference College

Find out more about us being a Google Reference College.

Go local

We make a point of using local contractors and partners as our suppliers.

Flora and Fauna

We join in with ‘No Mow May’ and we have wildlife gardens and woodland management is in operation. We are part of the Big Schools Birdwatch and Dearne Valley College is a Hedgehog friendly campus.

Print and paper

As a Group we have moved to non PVC banners which does not involve the use of fossil fuels, and all paper that we use for our literature is FSC graded or recycled. Not only that, we are moving away from printing lots of guides and booklets and using QR codes linked to our website on small business cards to reduce our use and reliance on paper.

Current Building Works

All the new construction builds being developed throughout the Group will include sustainable options, lighting and products to ensure a ‘greener’ build, as well as facilities for learners to enjoy.

Supporting Skills for Green Jobs

The Group is working to develop a curriculum that supports skills for green jobs. RNN Group will focus on the development, delivery and monitoring of a number of sustainability projects focused on environmental management, energy reduction, active travel, student and staff engagement.

Students and Staff will have the opportunity to complete Carbon Literacy programmes / modules and the Group Environment and Sustainability Manager will help embed sustainability into the curriculum and engage with and respond to employer needs in the Green Skills space.

The Group will develop a range of introductory programmes that enable employers to embrace net zero objectives whilst at the same time delivering specialist skills for low carbon careers in priority sectors.

The Group will collaborate with other providers to develop a series of short modular programmes that contribute to a net zero road map.

RNN Group as a whole works to contribute towards National, Regional and Local priorities including green jobs and can be read within our Annual Accountability Statement.

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