Taster Days at the Colleges – An Important Part of the Prospective Learner Journey

The RNN Group offers tasters days throughout the year, both for schools to book for their Year 10 or 11 students, or indeed for prospective students to come along to during the Summer term. Taster days are a crucial component of the admissions process. These events allow prospective students to experience the academic and social environment of the institution first-hand, and can be a valuable tool for students.

One of the most important benefits of taster days is that they give prospective students a chance to see whether an institution is the right fit for them. It can be difficult to get a sense of what a university or college is really like simply by reading brochures or looking at websites. Taster days, on the other hand, provide an opportunity to tour the campus, meet current students and staff, attend lectures and/or workshops, and ask questions about the courses and programs on offer. By getting a feel for the institution in person, students are better able to make informed decisions about where to apply and, ultimately, where to enrol.

Another benefit of taster days is that they can help students prepare for the transition to university or college life. For many students, going to college or university can be a daunting prospect, particularly if they are moving to a new city or country. Taster days provide a chance to explore the campus and local area, meet other prospective students, and get a sense of what day-to-day life at the institution might be like. This can help to alleviate some of the anxiety that students may feel about starting a new chapter in their lives.

RNN Group of colleges offers taster days to schools who can take advantage of these after exams in June for Year 10 students and Schools will have the added advantage of being the only school in that day because we make sure it is bespoke for you and your learners. Taster days include an introduction, two workshops and lunch as well as a post taster presentation with regard to next steps.

If your school would be interested in taking part, visit: https://www.rnngroup.co.uk/learn-with-us-for-education/schools-liaison-team/ for more information.

The Group offers taster days for any student to come along and try out the College whether you have enrolled or before deciding to enrol. These events are happening during the week of 26th June:

Rotherham College Taster Days:

Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th June

North Notts College Taster Days:

Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th June

Dearne Valley College Taster Days:

Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th June

For more information contact each individual College by visiting each website and clicking on contact us or scrolling to the bottom of the home page where our contact details are listed.

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