Taster Events – Five reasons why you should try before you buy!

Next week, we have a week of taster events across our three College campuses for prospective learners and current learners looking to switch course.

We have Rotherham College’s taster event on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th June and North Notts College and Dearne Valley College’s on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th June.

Read all about what happens on a taster day here

A fashion student using a sewing machine
A hairdressing student working on a client
Motor Vehicle student looking under a car bonnet

Five reasons to book on to a taster day

Try before you buy #1

It’s important to ensure you are going to enjoy the subject and course you are applying for and not waste a few weeks doing something you hate and then switch in September to the course you should have started on.

Try before you buy #2

Get to know some of your peers/potential friends before you start College in September; this allows you to join and not feel like you don’t know anyone, which reduces anxiety around the meeting people and the first day.

Try before you buy #3

Get to know your tutor before September starts and ask questions so you reduce your fears of starting College and settling in.

Try before you buy #4

Get used to the campus if you have not been to an open event or taster event at the College which will mean that’s one less new thing to get used to in September.

Try before you buy #5

You get free food on the day so you can try out what is available in advance of starting and get an idea of the menu options on offer for breakfast, snacks and lunch which is another worry of that list!

Support for parents and carers

If you are a parent or carer of a young person starting College in September reading this, there is still time to sign up to our early evening webinar next week specifically for parents and carers on ‘supporting your young person in their journey to starting College.’

Sign up for the webinar here

Even if you cannot make this, sign up and we will send you a recording after the event to watch at a convenient time for you.

More information on year-round taster events for schools and for parents who wish to suggest to their school a taster visit: More information about taster events.

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